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Criminal justice students: 500 more cadets needed by Pennsylvania State Troopers

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Many Alvernia Criminal Justice graduates go into law enforcement, and some end up at the state level. According to the Times Online, the Pennsylvania State Police has 500 cadet vacancies, and the state government is looking to fill those gaps.

“Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed 2014-15 budget would help bolster the size of the state police force, by pumping $13.7 million into training for 350 new cadets across four classes.

“But even with that budget boost, it’s going to take three or more years to get the complement up to the size it should be, State Police Commissioner Col. Frank Noonan told lawmakers Tuesday during a budget hearing in the state House.”

That reported three-year window is a good sign for Criminal Justice majors who are interested in applying for a position with the state.

The Pennsylvania State Police patrols 82 percent of the state’s land area and 60 percent of state highways, including every interstate. Three-quarters of state troopers are assigned to highway patrol, and 25 percent are assigned to criminal investigations.

  • The starting salary for new Troopers is $54,497.
  • Troopers earn 10 vacation days within the first year of employment.
  • Troopers earn 15 sick days per calendar year.
  • Troopers receive 12 paid holidays and 4 personal days per calendar year.

To learn more about joining the Pennsylvania State Police, watch PSP’s cadet video:


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