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Criminal Justice Students: What do you know about careers in loss prevention?

  • Alvernia Criminal Justice

Did you know that U.S. retail establishments lose more than $7 billion in theft each year? As a graduate of the Alvernia Criminal Justice Administration program, you are poised to lessen those losses with a career in the loss prevention field.

“Loss prevention specialists primarily work indoors at major retail stores. They may wear civilian clothes in order to blend in with other shoppers, or they may wear a uniform or other form of identification, such as a badge, to identify them as store security.

“People who work in loss prevention employ a number of tactics to reduce the amount of theft in stores. These may involve covert surveillance of suspicious individuals by posing as shoppers or monitoring video feeds in a control room.

“At times, loss prevention teams may stage investigations and stings on retail employees suspected of committing theft or fraud at their own store,” according to About.com.

Loss prevention careers can take you anywhere in the country. A quick search on Loss Prevention website, lpjobs.com yields numerous position openings in Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Entry-level positions often require a high-school diploma, but management careers in loss prevention favor candidates with bachelor’s degrees.

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