Tales of Justice


Criminal Justice Course Spotlight: Victimology

Much can be learned about criminal minds and motives from studying, yes, the criminals themselves, but also their victims. This study is known as Victimology. Wayne Pretherick, Associate Professor of Criminology at Bond University in Australia writes, “Victimology is important in the overall investigative process because it not only tells us who the victims were, […]

White House proposed budget highlights Criminal Justice fields

How the federal government allocates budget resources and sets policy priorities can have a big impact on jobs and career tracks for Criminal Justice students. A look at the Office of the President draft of a proposed 2016 National Budget offers a glimpse of that spending and priorities, including Criminal Justice reform. “The president is […]

Top-10 jobs for criminal justice administration bachelor’s holders

Alvernia’s Bachelor of Criminal Justice Administration degree opens the door to a wide variety of careers for our students. While many people think that a CJ degree is mostly for aspiring police officers, a recent study shows a diverse set of opportunities require criminal justice degrees. A search for “criminal justice” on Indeed.com job site […]

Alvernia Criminal Justice program endorsed by North Coventry chief of police

As chief of police for North Coventry Township Police Department in Pennsylvania, Chief Robert Schurr is responsible for his entire department’s safety, well-being and actions. As an adjunct faculty member of Alvernia University’s Criminal Justice program, Schurr makes it his responsibility to steer his students toward success. Chief Schurr, an Alvernia criminal justice alumni, says […]