Tales of Justice


White House proposed budget highlights Criminal Justice fields

How the federal government allocates budget resources and sets policy priorities can have a big impact on jobs and career tracks for Criminal Justice students. A look at the Office of the President draft of a proposed 2016 National Budget offers a glimpse of that spending and priorities, including Criminal Justice reform. “The president is […]

Corporate Crime and Punishment

While television dramas give many Alvernia students interested in a Criminal Justice Administration  degree at least a passing sense of street-level criminal activity, the world of “white collar” crime remains largely unseen by average Americans. Coined in 1939 by sociologist Edwin Sutherland, white collar crime describes “a range of frauds committed by business and government […]

Should posting suspects’ mug shots on the Internet be off limits?

On most social media networks, users have the right – no matter how unclear and difficult the process can be – to restrict public access to the photos they post. So why is it that mug shots can be broadcasted on the Internet, even when the suspect has yet to be proven guilty? State Senator […]

Should the U.S. criminal justice system abolish mandatory minimum sentencing?

On Jan. 30 the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the Smarter Sentencing Act to address among other issues with our criminal justice system our overcrowded prisons. One of the major amendments of the act is the abolishment of mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders. Mandatory minimums are required sentences for drug offenders based on static criteria. […]

NOT as seen on TV: Debunking criminal justice myths

Many students become interested in criminal justice programs because of the exciting way crime and investigations are depicted on television. Unfortunately, the crimes Ice-T and Mariska Hargitay solve on TV don’t always wrap up in a tidy, cinematic manner. “When we see an occupation on TV, there is a small but limited relationship to how […]